1. When you apply to reserve a room in the Student Residences of University of Nicosia (“SIX”, “U”, “TRIANGLE”), you are required to pay in advance a security deposit of EUR 1.000 (One thousand Euro).
  1. The deposit is in no case refundable unless, for any reason, the Room cannot be delivered to you on the starting date of your Tenancy Agreement.
  1. The deposit will be retained by the Landlord (wholly or partially) in the event that there is any damage caused by you in the Room. The deposit will be used against any damage to the Room or the common areas of the Student Residences or to the fixtures & fittings or other equipment included in the Room that incurred during your tenancy. If the damages exceed the deposit, then you will be obliged to pay the additional requested amount within seven (7) days.
  1. The deposit shall be returned to you without interest either with bank transfer (minus Bank charges) to you prenominated bank or via cheque seven (7) working days after the expiration date of your Tenancy Agreement, provided that you did not breach any of the terms and conditions of your Tenancy Agreement or there are no amounts due.
  1. The deposit shall not be refundable in the event that you terminate your Tenancy Agreement for any reason, prior to its expiration date.
  1. In the event of failure to sign the Tenancy Agreement, the deposit shall not be refunded to you.
  1. In case of termination of your Tenancy Agreement, you shall be obliged to pay all the outstanding rent payments for the duration of your Tenancy Agreement and, in case of upfront payment by you, the rent as well as the deposit shall not be